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We do not believe in unbalancing the natural system. As artists of this land, we co-exist and share this earth with all beings and thrive together as one. For us, ‘Hospitality’ is the ‘ART’ of loving all beings beyond self.

The basis of our outlook is a quintessential synthesis between the world of Studio Ceramics and authentic Sri Lankan Food Culture. The philosophical base of this ground is what makes it a Potter’s Retreat in its truest sense.

master potter

As the pioneer of 
Sri Lankan Studio Pottery Culture, Master Potter Ajith Perera is a national treasure.

His creativity and artistry gave a second life to the fading local pottery industry and transcended into the realm of ‘Studio Ceramics’.

Craft Tunnel – the Potter’s Retreat is a profound testament to the way he continues to fulfill his broader social obligations of creativity, merging Sri Lankan Studio Pottery culture with national Tourism industry and pioneering “Craft Tourism” in Sri Lanka.

Craft Tunnel culinary experience captures the true essence of authentic Sri Lankan food and hospitality culture. The food we offer is thoughtfully presented on meticulously crafted pottery, skillfully brought to life by local potters of the community. 

The culinary expertise is heightened by the use of traditional wood-fired cooking methods, which is a tribute to our local heritage. Our kitchen is gracefully handled by supremely skilled local women, infusing each dish with the authentic touch of their flavorful hands and beautiful minds.

Experience the finest flavors Sri Lanka has to offer at the Potter’s Retreat.

Whether you seek relaxation, mindfulness or an infusion of inspiration, the Potter’s Retreat will transcend you into a world of your own. Explore and experience yourself along with serenity of nature, in your own terms, at your own will.

The Potter’s Retreat offers you space, freedom and a medium for a meditative and a therapeutic artistic exploration.
Experience the transformative power of clay and the craft of Pottery as your mind and body interact with its tactile qualities. Whether you seek self-discovery or simply wish to explore your creative skills, our workshop space and the supportive community of local Studio Potters will inspire your creativity, and navigate you through a self-reflective, self- experiential journey.

Transcend into the world of Studio Ceramics through our Pottery Museum and Master Potter’s Gallery; an authentic fusion of Sri Lankan Traditional Art and the world of modern Studio Ceramics.


The land we inhabit, belongs to elephants and all living creatures. Whether we like it or not, we are invaders of this land. Understanding and respecting that, we created the Potter’s Retreat without harming any living or non-living being, consciously. We did not cut a single tree nor did we use any pesticides, wood preservatives or artificial colors, in the name of aesthetics.

We do not believe in disrupting and unbalancing the natural system for personal benefit. For us, it is the true definition of sustainability and resilience.

Craft Tunnel is a national initiative, pioneering ‘Craft Tourism’ in Sri Lanka.

It strategically interlinks the life and work of Master Potter with his core ideologies; Environmental conservation, “Save the Elephant” campaign and empowering local women artisans through “Craft Tourism”. Each valuable purchase and contribution to Craft Tunnel will directly uplift the lives of the local community and boost Sri Lankan Craft Tourism Culture.

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