Craft Tunnel

About Us

Weaving Artistry & Nature

at The Potter’s Retreat

At present, Sri Lanka lacks a prototype or model project for National Craft Tourism, highlighting an existing gap in this realm.
The introduction of a novel concept that intertwines craft and nature in the country calls for the cultivation of both international and local tourism cultures. This unexplored fusion presents a remarkable opportunity, particularly in the Udawalawa region, where untapped potential resides in merging local and international tourism with the allure of engaging in pottery. Simultaneously, there is a pressing national imperative to nurture and educate the upcoming generation of earth and wildlife conservationists, ensuring the perpetual safeguarding of the natural environment. Moreover, a vital requirement persists for an accessible platform
dedicated to spotlighting and promoting the creations of artisans, particularly women, hailing from the Udawalawa vicinity. This confluence of needs beckons for innovative solutions and strategic initiatives to pave the way for a harmonious blend of craft, nature, and sustainable tourism.


Embrace the Outdoors and Immerse Yourself in Natural Marvels. Wander amidst our meticulously curated landscaped gardens, inhale the invigorating fragrance of blossoms, and let the tranquil melodies of wildlife serenade you. For those with an artistic soul, our pottery workshops present the ideal avenue to mold your creativity into palpable masterpieces, under the expert guidance of the Master Potter and accomplished artisans.

Goals & Objectives


This project will interlink the life and work of Master Potter Ajith Perera with his core ideologies which involve: promoting mindfulness through pottery, protecting the environment, save the elephant campaign, and empowering women from the local communities by creating an
opportunity for them to become economically independent through art and craft.