Craft Tunnel

Ajith Perera

Visionary Steering the Project

Ajith Mohan Perera

At present, Sri Lanka lacks a prototype or model project for National Craft Tourism, highlighting an existing gap in this realm.
The introduction of a novel concept that intertwines craft and nature in the country calls for the cultivation of both international and local tourism cultures. This unexplored fusion presents a remarkable opportunity, particularly in the Udawalawa region, where untapped potential resides in merging local and international tourism with the allure of engaging in pottery. Simultaneously, there is a pressing national imperative to nurture and educate the upcoming generation of earth and wildlife conservationists, ensuring the perpetual safeguarding of the natural environment. Moreover, a vital requirement persists for an accessible platform dedicated to spotlighting and promoting the creations of artisans, particularly women, hailing from the Udawalawa vicinity. This confluence of needs beckons for innovative solutions and strategic initiatives to pave the way for a harmonious blend of craft, nature, and sustainable tourism.

As a successful entrepreneur, he has redefined the pottery industry, bringing a fresh perspective to the craft. Ajith’s pioneering efforts in introducing studio pottery in the country have garnered significant attention, and his exceptional creativity and mastery in the field earned him a prestigious nomination for the “Bunka” award by the Japan Sri Lanka Cultural Fund.

This renowned figure has never prioritized profits and company growth as his top objective. Instead, he extended his vision to serve the vast community of Sri Lanka in various capacities. For instance, he actively participated in a project with Dilmah in Udawalawa, where he shared his knowledge of pottery with the rural community, creating a platform for them to earn a living. Moreover, his interest in children goes beyond mere donations. He has established preschools with new facilities for deprived communities in Down South Sri Lanka. Ajith Perera is the talented engineer behind many successful professionals and the founder of the movement “Redesign Sri Lanka.” He is a prime intellect dedicated to empowering the Sri Lankan community and its local industries to achieve versatile growth and world-class recognition.

Ajith’s vast knowledge in the field accentuates the beauty and elegance of each piece he personally crafts. His creations bear a personalized touch, catering to individual tastes and preferences. As an artist and visionary, he has taken the Sri Lankan legacy of craftsmanship to new heights, marveling many with his innovative approach.

With a passion for intricate designs and a charming color palette, Ajith’s works stand out for their uniqueness and attention to detail. He has ventured beyond traditional norms, creating most of his items by hand, without using molds, forms, or predefined sizes and shapes. Embracing modern art-ware, he continues to differentiate and prioritize quality, developing special bodies and glazes with a distinctive recipe that sets him apart. Commercial success is a testament to Ajith’s dedication, as he upholds the true beauty of his masterpieces without compromise. His journey as a Master Potter is a testament to his commitment to art, innovation, and preserving the rich heritage of Sri Lankan¬† Craftsmanship.